Offering concepts that positively implements and encourages the family socialization as a whole thus fore reversing the impact of stress.

Offsetting Costs

WHee PlaY and Jennifer’s Wedding Bouquets have been in business since 1998.  Over the years, we have made a positive difference in a vast number of lives including children/teens/adults with Autism and other Special Needs.  Caregivers in every category has also benefited from our services.  Last year, “WHee” have expanded quite a bit.  We:

·               Sponsored several Special Needs Carnival Events

·               Sponsored meals for families

·               Hosted Fall Auto-Show and Festival

·               Offered Caregiver Support gatherings

·               Brought a building to encompass all of the services

Special Needs Carnival Day

Please join us (Annually in June and July).

Special Needs Fun Day and Workshop

Please join us (Annually in September) at our Fun Day and Workshop for Families with Autistic and/or Special Needs loved ones. 


 Our services and expansion...

Although “WHee” have had amazing results with helping the community, “WHee” took another step to epitomize our services to help all of our families worldwide.  Below is a picture of our current project which is the first non-for-profit fully adapted resort and venue for families with “Special” loved ones.  At WHee PlaY, all families (including those with Autistic and Special Needs kids/teens/adults) will get a chance to build lifelong memories together.  Visit or to make further donations for those with Autism and Special Needs. 

Please visit our “Event” page…

Please visit or event page to view our scheduled calendar events.  Get discounted group rates too.  Pre-purchase ticket options are available for those with loved ones who struggle with waiting.Families with youth struggle globally.  This resort is designed to temporarily accommodate and empower those who strive to live a positive lifestyle in today’s world.

My Story- I am a working professional. I have traveled many times on business and pleasure.  My career took a seemingly different direction nearly two decades ago when I became a happy mother of a low-functioning “Special Needs” child.  Overtime, travels became increasingly difficult.  I stopped traveling because spaces were often too narrow to accommodate my child’s needs.  In turn, I found myself paying an excessive amount of money to the Nanny which limited the resources I needed to work. I began to “Change my Trend of Travel”. I am only one voice of the many. Vacations are helpful to insure the positive mental well-being of all individuals  Please email us or call 844.899.3215.